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‘Homo casalingus’: surprises and curiosities about men dealing with grocery shopping

The “contemporary man” represents today a type of consumer, often neglected, but who is rapidly evolving to become a fundamental target for the future business strategies. In this interview, the point of view of Luisa Vassanelli, Qualitative Innovation and Digital Manager – Ales Market Research

What does it mean for Ales Market Research to participate in the Assirm Marketing Research Forum?

Participating gives us a chance to share our enthusiasm and passion for innovation in methodological as well as cultural terms generously and without prejudice: a valuable opportunity for discussion and mutual exchange of knowledge in terms of research and above all consumer insight. Ales has strong expertise in behavioral science, that’s why we love ‘to get into the consumer’s shoes’, to enter their everyday life, in order to understand what drives their desires, behaviours and choices better. The Forum title speaks of “marketing challenges, research as a resource to project companies into the future”.   These are the key words for us. Consumers are always evolving, and keeping up with their needs and desires represents a challenge that we take on, face and that we want to conquer.

This year’s central issue is the research as an opportunity for companies to grow in terms of business. What will your speech be about?

Precisely because we believe that research is an opportunity for growth, and growing means adapting to changes, it is essential that market research projects are also inspiring and open and that they help companies understand consumer evolutions and new trends. To do this, the research methods themselves must evolve. For this reason, we have chosen to investigate, through an interdisciplinary and multi-source approach, a particular type of consumer and buyer, often neglected: the contemporary man. A consumer who is evolving fast and who has literally reprogrammed himself to keep up with increasingly exceptional women, proving to be a very insightful communication and marketing target, which should absolutely be included in future business strategies.