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Bilendi Interactive Solutions: the Bilendi’s recipe for providing consumer insights

Lucie Deliry Poujol, Director Services for Market Research France Spain Italy, explains how to get information and insights to attract new customers and better manage the relationship with those already acquired

What does it mean for Bilendi to participate in the Assirm Marketing Research Forum?

Participating in the Assirm Marketing Research forum is for us a great opportunity to meet all the players of the Italian Marketing Research industry and to attend interesting conferences. As a European company, understanding our local market is key for us.

This year’s central issue is the research as an opportunity for companies to grow in terms of business. What is Bilendi’s vision?

We are always looking for a new range of services, able to help companies to grow. We know that from one side, brands are looking for innovating solutions helping them to connect and engage with consumers. And from the other side, consumers are willing to connect with brands that offer real value back. That’s why we created Bilendi Interactive Solutions:  with this new range of services we give personal insights to the consumers based on data analysis and offer leads, conversion and CRM enrichment to Brands. Bilendi Interactive Solutions helps marketers and communication professionals to interact with their consumers based on the insight that the data deliver.