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Market Research, the only connection between Marketing and Sales: the vision of IFF INTERNATIONAL

The role of research is to take into account internal and external data of the company. This is the role of IFF International, which has been doing telephone market research for over twenty years through the CATI for important market research institutes and international agencies. We interviewed Alessandro Imborgia, Business Development Manager, speaker at the Assirm Marketing Research Forum

What does it mean for IFF INTERNATIONAL participating to the Assirm Marketing Research Forum?

In addition to the importance of the contents declared at workshops, where we are users and popularisers, for us the Assirm Forum is the offline platform where all digital paths join: each of our marketing operations – mostly on LinkedIn – can finally be actualized and become reality. In particular, I’m talking about our effort in spreading the word, which we’ve been doing since 2016 with CubeSurvey, and broadcasting a good and conscious method of market research to national and international brands. Suppliers, institutes and end customers can meet each other, share their expertise and make each other’s business machine work. There’s no reason to hide it: after attending the Assirm Forum in 2017, we had a remarkable increase in RFQ.

This year, the main theme is research as an opportunity for companies to grow in terms of business. What is IFF INTERNATIONAL point of view?

Let’s start from the fact that the goal for any company, of any size, is business growth, so the urgency is listening to internal data, through the point of view of different sectors, above all: sales and customer care (if there is any), and external data as well, through consumers’ opinion. Our point of view is: Market Research is the only connection between Marketing and Sales. In an entrepreneurial fabric like the Italian one, where 90% of companies hire up to 5 employees, our mission is quite difficult, but necessary.