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When should we ask, when should we measure?

Technology offers an ever-wider range of research methodologies. Laura Casparrini, Country Manager Italy, explains us how important is to choose the right one

What does it mean for Netquest to participate in the Assirm Marketing Research Forum?

Netquest is an experienced international panel provider with its own specialties: born in Spain in 2001, it is well versed in online paneling, profiling, and behavioral data. Netquest is the market leader in Spain and Latin America and is currently focusing on developing its business in the rest of Europe. Panelists are our biggest asset, as they are recruited by invitation only, deeply profiled, and representative of society. We motivated them through a system of engagement that allows us to minimize rotation and guarantees a genuine and authentic commitment. The ASSIRM Marketing Forum is a tremendous opportunity for Netquest’s visibility, giving us the opportunity to communicate our presence in Italy to the market: many professionals are already aware of Netquest reliability, quality, and innovation in other countries, but not everyone knows that Netquest has decided to replicate its model of rigor and commitment to research in the rest of Europe. Netquest has always been engaged in the continuous study of research methodologies and is leading improvement and expansion of available research techniques. We use these techniques in a variety of ways, often concerning niche phenomena and attitudes, specific habits and preferences. Netquest helps and guides its clients in the approach to the most innovative research methodologies.

This year’s central issue is the research as an opportunity for companies to grow in terms of business. What will your speech be about?

The importance of research for business growth is now accepted and absorbed, but what type of research? We must be careful, because market research will always lead to a result, but we have to make sure it’s the right one! Our speech demonstrates that collecting data in a technically correct way, with a qualitatively high panel and on a carefully identified sample is not enough to obtain valuable results. The error of relying on such results can be considerable if the appropriateness of the methodology to be used has not been carefully assessed. The constantly expanding offer of innovative methodologies made available by technology is a big opportunity for market researches, but at the same time adds a fundamental variable for quality of results, effectively introducing a potential bias. Until a few years ago, with the sparse available methodologies, the only critical market research factors were the trustworthiness of the source of the and the data set analysis. Currently, the choice of the methodology plays an increasingly important role and is decisive for the value of the research and the strength of its results. The set of different information types collected on each Netquest panelist is what we call A SYMPHONY OF DATA: it allows you to have a 360 view of consumer behavior by providing opinion, profiling, behavioral, and geolocation data. Our speech compares the information obtained through the collection of passive and active data and demonstrates that when a research is done with an unsuitable methodology, the results can be misleading. The need to measure behavior instead of asking about it is continually increasing, since our memories are being overwhelmed with information constantly and recalling specific events is becoming harder.