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Market research in the Artificial Intelligence Era: The Experience Matters case

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly common in everyday life and it is more and more inside society. Francesco Renga, Country Manager introduces Norstat’s speech to the Assirm Marketing Research Forum, focused on how AI can support research, market researchers and all sector players

What does it mean for Norstat to participate in the Assirm Marketing Research Forum?

As stated by President Assirm Matteo Lucchi, the Assirm Marketing Research Forum represents a unique moment for discussions and debate on the market research trends as it puts in direct contact many different players in the sector. Norstat is about the magic of bringing the right people together in conducting research studies (brands and consumers, politicians and voters, publishers and audiences). By participating again at this yearly appointment with the world of marketing and research, Norstat is able to actively contribute not only to the sector but also to the event itself. Through our experiences, skills, visions and insights we are better able to face the changes that affect both the society in general and the market research in particular.

This year’s central issue is the research as an opportunity for companies to grow in terms of business. What will your speech be about?

Our speech will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the impact it can have on Market Research. In fact, AI, or the ability to emulate or replicate human activities/actions, is increasingly widespread in interfaces, in everyday life objects and is permeating the whole society at all levels. Therefore, the world of Market Research must not only learn to live with these changes but must be a promoter in terms of development, in order to make a significant contribution in more effective and efficient ways for brands. Our speech is in collaboration with Personalive. Through the “Experience Matter” case, a research project born in 2017 that studies innovation trends such as Dark Pattern and Artificial Intelligence in relation to the User Experience, try to understand how the AI can support the sector, market researchers and all players in the sector.