‘Homo casalingus’: surprises and curiosities about men dealing with grocery shopping

Market research and marketing have always focused their efforts and investigations, particularly when it comes to grocery shop and consumer goods, on the world of women, and yet, it is plain for all to see that there are more and more men, not just singles, wandering lonely in the aisles of the supermarkets. Some of them are simply shopping for their partner, but many of them now contribute or choose completely independently what to buy also for their family and children, often proving to be a careful, accurate, sensitive consumer and anything but trivial or predictable.

In our speech, we will show how today it is increasingly necessary to observe the processes through a multidisciplinary and multi-methodological approach. Addressing marketing issues through a single methodological approach is often no longer enough to make business opportunities for companies emerge.

Gianrocco Pironti
Luisa Vassanelli
11:15 - 11:40
30 Oct 2018
Talent Garden Milano