Market research in the Artificial Intelligence Era: The Experience Matters case

Artificial intelligence is increasingly widespread among interfaces and within everyday objects. Nevertheless, what is the real perception of Italian users? Fear or consciousness? At the same time the world of market research, as expected, is no exception, and it has to learn to live with these changes, always remaining a step ahead of others. Have you ever thought about how difficult it is to find the data we need in a 200 pages report? How can AI help market researchers? What are the impacts for data visualization and for the generation of insight? To answer these questions will be shared the Experience Matters case, a research project born in 2017 that studies innovation trends such as Dark Patterns and Artificial Intelligence in relation to the User Experience, with innovative methodologies of data visualization based on artificial intelligence.

Andrea Boaretto
Francesco Renga
12:15 - 12:40
30 Oct 2018
Talent Garden Milano