Leverage next-generation U&A combining claimed data with digital behaviour

The fragmentation of traditional retail and media landscapes sees today’s consumer watching videos, listening to music and shopping online, across an ever-proliferating number of digital platforms. Companies are faced with new challenges to accurately measure the impact of these new platforms and to get real and deep insights. During our session, the audience will learn about a new approach to transform and reinvigorate the research program which we are eager to present to the research community.

We’ll discuss about:

  • How the transition from stated to observed behaviors brings extraordinary opportunities to refine digital marketing strategies and audience targeting

  • Enrich traditional U&A studies with digital consumer profiles, digital touch points, online search activities, browsing and purchasing activities

  • How to understand consumers’ device features, browsing habits, and internet usage

  • Understand target segment’s online media consumption at domain and content level

Tommaso Gandolfo
Marco Gastaut
Giovanna Martinelli
11:15 - 11:40
30 Oct 2018
Talent Garden Milano