YOODATA: the first market research online shop in Italy

Yoodata is the website founded to sell syndicated market research services, and join companies and market research agencies. Yoodata applies crowd-funding principles, which allow to co-found projects, to market research industry. Through the launch of specific projects, addressed to consumer’s targets by supporting companies, Yoodata allows to enlarge the market, thanking wide and crowded web, such as clear and shared procedures to carry on market research projects.

It’s a big opportunity: for clients, who can benefit from low cost data about markets and consumers; for market research agencies, who can reach new clients, even small and middle sized companies that rarely buy surveys; for other organizations, who can propose their own surveys and rely on Yoodata as trustworthy partner.

Yoodata: less is more!

Alessandro Amadori
Sandra Bruno
Massimo Cesaretti
15:20 - 15:45
30 Oct 2018
Talent Garden Milano