Sponsor Interviews

Scenarios and prospects about research sector: the Sponsors’ point of view

Leverage next-generation U&A combining claimed data with digital behaviour

Consumer behavior can no longer be defined by traditional demographic models but by a new holistic approach. This is explained by Marco Gastaut, Managing Director SE & Latam di Toluna

Leveraging data for deeper digital measurement

Most companies recognise that to achieve greater ROI on marketing investments, they must get smarter about how they use data. In this framework, research built on quality data is vital helping businesses to grow. Henk Van Riesen – Country Manager, Spain – introduces Research Now’s speech to the Assirm Marketing Research Forum

Market Research, the only connection between Marketing and Sales: the vision of IFF INTERNATIONAL

The role of research is to take into account internal and external data of the company. This is the role of IFF International, which has been doing telephone market research for over twenty years through the CATI for important market research institutes and international agencies. We interviewed Alessandro Imborgia, Business Development Manager, speaker at the Assirm Marketing Research Forum

Market research in the Artificial Intelligence Era: The Experience Matters case

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly common in everyday life and it is more and more inside society. Francesco Renga, Country Manager introduces Norstat’s speech to the Assirm Marketing Research Forum, focused on how AI can support research, market researchers and all sector players

When should we ask, when should we measure?

Technology offers an ever-wider range of research methodologies. Laura Casparrini, Country Manager Italy, explains us how important is to choose the right one

More comprehensibility, greater impact and ease of analysis thanks to Data Visualization

The need to visualize and understand the increasingly complex results requires the design and development of new, more efficient and engaging views. Paolo Guadagni, CEO & Founder, explains the The Visual Agency model

‘Homo casalingus’: surprises and curiosities about men dealing with grocery shopping

The “contemporary man” represents today a type of consumer, often neglected, but who is rapidly evolving to become a fundamental target for the future business strategies. In this interview, the point of view of Luisa Vassanelli, Qualitative Innovation and Digital Manager – Ales Market Research

Market researches allow for a unique and direct dialogue with consumers

Nella La Grotteria, Sales Director Italy says that to recognize and execute the most appropriate innovation strategy becomes the fundamental competitive ability

Bilendi Interactive Solutions: the Bilendi’s recipe for providing consumer insights

Lucie Deliry Poujol, Director Services for Market Research France Spain Italy, explains how to get information and insights to attract new customers and better manage the relationship with those already acquired

Year 2018: why among different market research tools is Social Media Monitoring still rarely used?

According to Antonio Filoni, Head of Digital Offering – Doxa, the Social Media Monitoring represents an innovative approach to understanding and using digital information for the generation of insights and the optimization of corporate decision-making

Quality research, transparent processes and innovative tools: this is the Via!’s approach

Consumer behavior can be understood and interpreted through the research. The Via!’s approach told by Davide Dallavalle, Development Manager and Board member

Customer Experience Pyramid: the SWG pyramid model for consumer analysis 

The customer experience approach is essential for success in relationships with customers. Alessandra Dragotto, Senior Research Director explains us the SWG model

Sales Effectiveness: measuring for growth

To better invest their resources, companies need to rely on a reliable search method. Sabrina Melinu, Solution Lead Italia – Sales Effectiveness of GfK talks about it

The research hub as leverage for business growth

Adriano Antonuccio, Country Manager Italy di Statista says that today it’s essential for companies to have access to data in order to make their investment decisions