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Customer Experience Pyramid: the SWG pyramid model for consumer analysis

The customer experience approach is essential for success in relationships with customers. Alessandra Dragotto, Senior Research Director explains us the SWG model

What does it mean for SWG to participate in the Assirm Marketing Research Forum?

For SWG, the Research Forum represents a broad and diversified opportunity for discussion between our companies and the enterprises, based on the exchange of knowledge and professional practices. In the Forum it is possible to synthesize what is progressively developed during the year in the carrying out of the activities. Everyone, in its own reality, becomes more and more up-to-date, exchanges ideas with colleagues, ponders on the work done. But the community meeting, the specific “forum” in which each one of us operates and where new relationships are created, transforms this event into an extremely valuable moment. Only through the intensification of relationships and exchanges, the reasoning on common objectives, an in-depth analysis the society, market and technique’s changes, through different approaches, will it be possible to enhance the efficacy and value of our industry. This is the scenario offered by the Research Forum.

This year’s central issue is the research as an opportunity for companies to grow in terms of business. What news will you bring to the ASSIRM Forum?

For some years now, for numerous companies, having a satisfied customer is no longer enough: the customer must be involved in the experience that the company wants to convey; it is essential to nourish an imagery capable of making the product or brand more pleasurable and enjoyable. A customer experience approach is therefore essential to be successful in the relationships with customers. A map of the customer journey, generated by the various touchpoints, both physical and digital, with which it has come into contact, is the key point to understand which the best experience for the customer is. However, mapping and collecting customer feedback throughout the customer journey is a particularly complex process, which must consider a variety of elements and “dimensions”. The pyramidal analysis model, developed by SWG, aims to address this complexity by offering a unitary vision, thanks to an actionable tool having a highly strategic value.