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More comprehensibility, greater impact and ease of analysis thanks to Data Visualization

The need to visualize and understand the increasingly complex results requires the design and development of new, more efficient and engaging views. Paolo Guadagni, CEO & Founder, explains the The Visual Agency model

What does it mean for The Visual Agency to participate in the Assirm Marketing Research Forum?

It is the third time that The Visual Agency sponsors the event. We believe it is a very stimulating conference for those who, like us, deal with data visualization. An event not to be missed to learn new techniques, to get in touch with companies interested in market researches, to appreciate case histories that are presented in the sessions.

This year’s central issue is the research as an opportunity for companies to grow in terms of business. What will your speech be about?

Research is essential for companies as we move into an increasingly complex and fast-moving world. Market researches are  an important compass to navigate in this scenario, seize opportunities, avoid mistakes. Our specialization is data visualization: we build systems for our customers that facilitate the work of insight and describe the content of the research in the best possible way. All this is essential to give to the recipients the value of the underneath  research.