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Quality research, transparent processes and innovative tools: this is the Via!’s approach

Consumer behavior can be understood and interpreted through the research. The Via!’s approach told by Davide Dallavalle, Development Manager and Board member

What does the ASSIRM Marketing Research Forum mean for VIA! ?

AMRF is the most important national event dedicated to market research and we must be there. Our participation reaffirms our will to be protagonists of the sector, obviously in our specific field: services provider for research companies. AMRF represents the ideal context to meet customers, which for us – I want to remember it – are only research companies. A precious opportunity to generate new contacts, to develop networking, to capture emerging trends and industry innovations. The future will increasingly depend on the ability to integrate skills and we are working in this direction. That’s why AMRF is an event we can’t miss. And then, to be honest, in addition to the business aspects, there is also a sentimental implication that makes participation unique: everybody can recognize himself in a large family, cemented by a passion for research. In conclusion, participation is also a matter of identity, and makes us proud.

The focus of this year is research as an opportunity of business growth for companies. What is the vision of VIA! ?

Behavioural sciences widely demonstrated how everybody often make decisions based on non-rational processes. The good news is that, as far as they escape from the domain of logic, these dynamics can be (re) known through research, which provides us the concepts and tools to understand behaviours and intervene on them, structuring from time to time the most suitable proposal or the architecture of proposals. Many companies are still wary of research, often because of difficulties in integrating the insights obtained in business processes. This difficulty shouldn’t result in renouncing to invest in research, but in the stimulus to demand better quality researches, carried out with transparent processes, aligned with the best practices in the sector, using innovative methods and tools. And this is precisely our commitment to research companies that are our customers.